Update: MTA Server

Been going back and forth with the host with paragraphs of my disgruntledness in how long things are taking, they are now aiming for "by the end of the week" to resolve DDoS issues.

Some of you have suggested changing hosts and we will if they continue to miss deadlines, however we have been with other hosting companies such as OVH and they have not been very helpful. So far this is the only host to allow us to stay up during these attacks, if you hadn't noticed our UCP and TS3 both stay up even though the attacks are going on which is the most impressive thing we've seen from a host so far.
Adding a firewall rule for MTA isn't up to them as they are simply a reseller but they are trying their best just as we are.

Again, I appreciate everyones patience and remember the DDoSers are just trying to stop progress and keep players away from our server. I guess they just feel threatened.