UCP Coming Along

The new UCP is coming along nicely. Authentication is done, with queue for email messages to improve performance. Haven't done the forgot password yet, but user profiles are almost complete.

As you can see in the screenshot below, your profile shows your characters, and some basic profile information. Your profile will be visible to anyone by default, with privacy settings to disable visibility to certain characters or entire sections of your profile.
The New UCP

The aim of having your profile visible to anyone is that people will eventually be able to click on your character, and read or comment on character story articles you've posted for that character. These will be available for browsing through the wiki section of the site. The wiki will also allow you to post wiki pages on businesses, criminal organizations, events or places in the role playing world.

These features will not be initially available to the UCP, but I felt it necessary to explain the logic of why certain things are going to be functionally different than they were in the previous UCP. My goal is to move toward having a UCP that is fully written to be integrated with the role play within the server, and creates a community environment for people to share their role playing experiences.