Threats, Insults and Attacks

This isn't one of the usual development blog posts. In fact it's less about development and just a personal rant/vent.

You don't have to read it, if you are only interested in Owl's Development then feel free to skip over this one..


In the past week or so, I've probably received threats from three ex-community members that they will DDoS me.

This seems to be a regular occurrence now. Something I have to deal with every week.


Over the past month or so I can't even begin to count all the insults I got. Randomly IG, over the forums, discord, you name it. Someone just looking to piss in your cereal everyday. I was accused of lying to the community not to long ago when SocialBook shutdown too. That was interesting. Completely random insults came to me on discord from the maintainer, the one I was hosting the site for. He closed it down, accused me of lying and had his friends go on the forums to troll. Nice.


I think at this point we are DDoSed everyday.
We have other communities actually telling their staff to come on Owl as troll accounts and fuck around to ruin the experience for players and then leave.
I've had two cases of people spamming tickets on the UCP, although this isn't hard to clean up and fix it is just another thing to add to the list.
That same disgruntled banned player also childishly spammed the bug reporting centre.

I feel like instead of actually being able to put time towards the server to make it more fun for players and dedicating more of my time to roleplay, instead it all goes to cleanup. Constantly cleaning up after some player who got upset and decided to fuck with whatever they could find to abuse. I know I have to be able to deal with these sorts of things quietly, and for the most part I do. Everyone's human though and this unprofessional post on the dev blog shows it. I feel too.

To all the Owl players out there who actually read this rant, thank you. Deep down you cared enough to read this post and that alone means a lot.