Service Move & General Backup and Maintenance, Github?

Server Move

This server(development blog) has been moved over after Eloquent's resignation from the team earlier this week. No data lose was encountered.

Unfortunately with Eloquent's departure from the scripting team we have to place an indefinite hold on the new UCP. We were all looking forward for the new site and it is too bad he was unable to complete it during his time with us but we wish him the best in his future endeavours.

If you are an experienced web developer and would like to look into building us a site feel free to contact me and hopefully we can work together.

General Backup and Maintenance

After I moved this server over, I did some adjustments to how we backup our files and to our healthchecks. Pretty much everything on our servers are backed up to external servers over an encrypted connection and I added password encryption on the files once they are in storage as well for added security.

More than once a day our database is backed up and our files are usually backed up twice a day or weekly depending on the service. We have healthchecks setup so that if a backup fails for whatever reason an email alert will get sent out and a notification pushed to our Slack server. Here's an example of a healthcheck:

I really enjoy doing these infrastructure improvements so I'll continue to improve things as I have time.


I've been looking into moving our repositories over to Github from Bitbucket recently. If you have any comments about Github, good or bad, let me know on the forums I'd love to hear it. Github seems to have a lot more features than Bitbucket and allows for an unlimited size team vs paying for larger teams like on Bitbucket.

I don't know yet though. We'll have to see.

DDoS Attacks

Over the past week or so we've been getting hit with DDoS attacks very frequently. Mitigation has done pretty well and overall we are seeing the server being able to stay online with minimal drops but we are continuing to monitor the situation.

Here's a fun graph of our network traffic, today we had a pretty big spike.
MTA Server
Website Server