Script update and winter features

Hi all!

This blog entry will cover all script changes briefly since last written update (of the 30th of September 2017!) as well as exciting new features in-game and coming ones.

First and foremost, as it was announced in this thread, Owl Development Team is working hard on the GTA V roleplay modification. Thus, our focus on MTA is more bug-fixing oriented rather than complex new features.

Weather Realism

Exciter has been working really hard lately to improve our very old weather system. This includes, but not limited to, different snow levels, temperatures, winds and more.

The changes will be visual and will help you in your immersion. They also modify your vehicle handlings. Make sure to grab Snow Tires at Pershing Square!

With that, I've had some fun and made an amusing snowball feature, whenever there's enough snow to make them :).

All the data is from Los Angeles, except during the winter, where it's random.


The month of December also comes with the Christmas features. If not already, you will find a Santa that hops out of his Coca Cola truck every few hours and, if you are lucky and manage to talk to him, will give you a present. He's present in Pershing Square.

The famous christmas hats, trees and so on are available too!

Script Changes

These changes are from 'older' to 'more recent'.

  • Warning fix for new alt>alt method.
  • Fixed cigarette right hand positioning - #1205 (Unitts)
  • Updates to the interior check window.
  • Show gloves with their name on the players /look
  • Fixed seatbelt icon showing when HUD is disabled (Unitts)
  • Fixed DMV windows duplicating if clicked more than once (Unitts)
  • Hotfix for faction vehicle inventories - #1313
  • Fix job vehicle inventories not allowing players to retrieve items.
  • ipb performance browser updated.
  • Structures
  • Generic item updates (item value > metadata) + changes to item spawning NPCs.
  • Increasing Z limit for aircrafts from 850 to 20000
  • bone_attach: check coroutine status before trying to resume it
  • Coroutine resume attempt console error fix (ped and elevator)
  • Major Database Refactoring
  • Fix for bans failing to fetch after DB refactoring
  • Fixed /findip
  • Minor tweaks to the cache resource after DB refactoring
  • Many fixes after Database Refactoring
  • Fix for friends list unknown
  • Insurance bug fixes
  • Fixed GC transfers
  • Adding missing metadata support
  • Staff manager fix
  • Updated /arrest spot as per ThatGuy's request
  • Fixed /staffs
  • Updated PD jails and /arrest point
  • Changed PD impound release ped location
  • Xmas mods
  • Fixed not banning the player after failing the application 3 times
  • Fix for parking faction trailers
  • drag & drop fixes
  • Fixed /staffs changelog username showing 'deleted'
  • Fixed 'Actor' showing N/A in interior history
  • Updated fuel for planes instead of making them all default to '100'
  • Added helmets to shops
  • Added blindfold icon
  • Santa switch side.
  • No mudkip for christmas :(
  • More retexturable vehicle logos. Blanked out default decals (logos) on a bunch if vehicle models so that players can put their own logos instead, using the vehicle texture system. This applies to News Van, News Maverick, Sweeper, Police Maverick, Trashmaster, Utility Truck, Cement Truck, Bulldozer, Bus, Coach, Dodo.
  • fixed /checkveh option 'Restore Veh' that always showed
  • 1322 - Clarified /sellproperty message on faction ints when bought with token
  • Fixed typo in "Settings" in the phone UI, it was written "Setttings"
  • New ambulance mod as per bartman's request
  • Grid exports (dependencies)
  • Updated elections script to upcoming elections
  • Weather exports (dependencies)
  • Grid preparations: Freeing dimensions
  • Adding snowballs feature to xmas
  • Activities resource


I'm anumaz (or tree). I've been in Owl Gaming since 2014 and generally helped in the scripting team.

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