Script Update and Events

This post will list what's included in this night's script update as well as information about event(s).


As explained in my recent thread about how I found it was sometimes boring to stick to our heavy RP, I was then approached by a group of players who were really interested in giving of their real life time to bring some unique events to you guys. Either it being making maps, creating events, doing photoshop work, they're all very useful and I'd like to take some time to list them: Jokerr, MindScape, MrPinkPanda, Ice, xSweg, CosaNostra and DanielV.

As we were planning bigger events, Unitt, a player on Owl, suggested to make a egg hunt event for Easter. You may have seen this poster around the forum or in-game:


That event is now started. It consists of hunting for 1000 eggs around Los Santos. To pick up an egg, simply walk over it. It won't let you right-click it. As you walk over it, you'll have a message saying you have an egg. Warning! For sake of simplicity and the least amount of time I had, the eggs you have do not save (if server restarts, if you log out, etc.) Hence, whenever you have eggs on you, I suggest you go to the Verona Mall and talk to the Easter Bunny.


He will give you 1 chocolate and 1 ticket. You can eat the chocolate, but don't loose the ticket! 5 winners will be drawn in a week and you'll be able to exchange your ticket for a prize at the bunny.

Eggs are very small, and to help you, here's how they look. Sadly, after many attempts, we couldn't make/find any real easter egg mod.


After the Easter event, stay tuned for an exciting new one!

Script update

NOTE: Numbers in the brackets represent bug ID's found here:

  • Improved /check logs added history logs, moved and added lots of interior logs
  • Improved the logging on removing admin history
  • Fixed water on the workout interior
  • Changed Dinoco's badge name and hotline (#1151)
  • Vehicles that are 0 stock in dealerships won't appear in the list (#1118)
  • Automatic removal of /disappear when changing character (#1144)
  • Fixing the /delelevator issue (1146)
  • Added alt-to-alt detection method (#1079)
  • Resolved some issues with NPCs and government owned shops
  • Fix to F3 finance tab when it didn't work - was bugged for PD mainly (#1143)
  • Increasing opacity of roadblocks previews so they are visible at night time (#1020)
  • Deleting kevlar double checks before removing your actual script armor (#1109)
  • Avoiding anti-fall when using snakecam (#1155)
  • Disabling duffle bags from being moved to/from external inventories
  • Added Tropic vehicle interior (with scale capability) Thanks to MindScape!
  • Merged removedshop and delshop, no more soft deleting. Also there is a confirm prompt when removing a custom shop
  • Changing 311 back to LSPD (#1164)
  • Easter Hunt event

Thank you for reading this loooong post!


I'm anumaz (or tree). I've been in Owl Gaming since 2014 and generally helped in the scripting team.

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