Script Update | 26-06-2017

Hi all!

Not the biggest update in terms of new features, however, we've been actively focusing on script improvements and performance tweaks.

With summer incoming, most of us will have more time to work on scripts.

Important note affecting object mods: Objects with model id 1008, 1009, 1010 and 3060 have been changed for server-side mods. See below in 'New features' for more information.

New features


  • The new UI interface was added to more windows
  • MDC APB general improvements
  • MDC property display improvements
  • Hide APB box when HUD is toggled
  • Hide radio box when HUD is toggled
  • F10 setting better description
  • Replace the flashlight model
  • Fixes to /check
  • Added back /unjail just in case
  • Completely reworked the forums API
  • Texture improvements
  • Weight fix for generic food & generic drink
  • Vehicle texture improvements

Performance tweaks

  • Dynamic lights were removed as this was a major performance issue on the server. FPS in general has improved due to this.
  • Car radios
  • Use the imgur API to properly detect size of the image before it even hits our servers (custom skins and vehicle textures)
  • Removed reminants of the old interior antifall


  • Fixed free bike licensing in some cases
  • Fix for F3 finance: last week numbers
  • Bugfixes for multi-floor elevator
  • item-texture: Fixed old textures not showing (backwards compatibility).


I'm anumaz (or tree). I've been in Owl Gaming since 2014 and generally helped in the scripting team.

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