Patch Notes and Hotfixes, March 4th 2017

Over the past couple days with the new site we've been smoothing things out to make sure that everything is running bug free.

Here are some things we have changed.

  • [UCP] Updated the forum link from SD -> PD
  • [UCP] Multiple changes to make the site more mobile friendly
  • [UCP] Fixed item movement log searching not appearing
  • [UCP] Fixed buttons displaying incorrectly on the ticket center if 0 tickets are unassigned
  • [UCP] Fixed an issue where some HTML code would be displayed if a character skin image was missing
  • [UCP] Changed the 'Buy Now' image for Paypal
  • [UCP] Adjusted the styling of error pages(oh so pretty)
  • [UCP] Pagination for logs to prevent users browsers from dying when searching a lot of logs
  • [UCP] Made the filters look more organized on the ticketcenter search
  • [UCP] Create a purchase history entry for uploading an avatar
  • [UCP] Changed the skin library loading to prevent some images from failing to load when loading so many pictures
  • [UCP] Fix some 500 error on log searching
  • [UCP] Added a purchase overview menu to manage failed purchase processing
  • [UCP] Added the option to middle click the rows in the ticket center
  • [UCP] Made it easier to create purchase packages
  • [UCP] Added missing character images
  • [UCP] Added a new keyword type 'Log Text w/ Wildcard Matching'
  • [UCP] Fixed stat-transfers failing with interiors
  • [UCP] Fixed custom interior uploading
  • [UCP] Small tweak to the user profile gamecoins formatting
  • [UCP] Newest entries first in a log search
  • [UCP] Changed the log text search to match_phrase instead of just match, provides more accurate results
  • [MTA] Fixed an issue that would cause the server to freeze up on /district
  • [MTA] Fixed an issue with sex shop supplies
  • [MTA] Fixed an issue with binding animations in /animselect
  • [MTA] (Unitts) Fixed the exit point of the yankee interior
  • [MTA] Fixed an issue where you would get frozen when leaving a vehicle interior
  • [MTA] Adjustments to logging vehicle and interior enter/exits
  • [MTA] (Hurley) Variable Ramp Heights (

Thanks for the feedback on the new site so far. We are glad to hear you like it!