Paintball Event #2

After the success and fun we had in the last paintball event back in July, we've decided to give it another run on the weekend beginning Friday September 8th.

You can review the results of the July paintball event here.

What have we changed?

  • An entry fee of $50 has been added, per player, per game. This will allow us to distribute a reward to the top-scoring players at the end.
  • Two new arenas have been added, which makes 4 total, allowing for up to 40 players to be playing at once. No more waiting.
  • Paintball guns no longer emit a district every time they are shot.
  • Paintball guns now have a unique paintball sound when shot (applies to all paintball weapons).
  • The paintball shotgun has been nerfed as it was extremely over-powered previously.
  • Removed the container ship map.
  • Made some important improvements to the leaderboard (the sorting was ew before).

How do I play?

To participate, you must have $50 in your hand when speaking to one of four peds located in the lobby. A maximum of 10 players can join per arena, 5 per team. Players can select their loadouts and click "Ready" to begin. Once everyone in the arena is ready, the countdown will initiate and the game will begin.

From there, paintball is pretty self-explanatory. The last team standing wins.

Where can I play?

Saint Lawrence Boulevard, right next to the Ammunation.