Paintball Event #2 Results

A whole weekend of non-stop paintballing for some or just a few games for others. Here are some quick figures from the event:

  • A whopping $682,850 has been raised from entry fees.
  • A total of 204 unique players have participated overall.
  • Players have joined the paintball lobbies 13,657 times.

The top three players on the leaderboard, who will be awarded with their respective prizes:

kazang95 with 1016 kills and 562 wins! ($50,000 + $28,100)
Wizzzi with 771 kills and 455 wins! ($35,000 + $22,750)
Nick55 with 656 kills and 501 wins! ($20,000 + $25,050)

We thank everyone for their participation, especially to those who fell short of the top positions:

radhwan with 533 kills and 364 wins!
Kozinski with 503 kills and 336 wins!
Chillz with 473 kills and 434 wins!

A huge thanks to Mint, who has recorded two of the days. You can view his videos here:

And finally, I hope everyone enjoyed the event as much as I have. The paintball lobby will remain unlocked for the next few days so you can leave feedback at the NPC. Thank you for reading and expressing interest in the event!