OwlGaming UCP

After witnessing the horrible tragedy of a UCP we currently have, we've decided to scrap it and start over! This is exciting because I work as a web developer, so we should be able to get something nice together. ThatGuy's brother Rebelzfire has jonied the development team to work with me on this project.

The initial goal is to essentially recreate the functionality that the UCP posesses currently, and then work outward from there to bring a better UCP together.

For those of you who are our more "techy" followers, we'll be using the Laravel framework! This is a fantastic base for any website, and being what Rebelzfire and I use at work, it's something that we are both very familiar with. On the frontend we'll likely work with VueJS, a very lightweight JavaScript framework that I think is just fantastic.

More to come soon!