Old Account Cleanup


All accounts which are still encrypted using the old encryption methods(prior to the release of the new UCP) have been marked as deactivated and require a password change to use.

Anyone who has logged in since March will experience no change. Those that have not, will need to reactivate their account via email and change their password in order to play.

This is to protect our users from leaks that occurred about two years ago. I detail such here:

Script Update...

You can expect a script update soon. Probably this weekend :) You can see a sneak peak of features here: https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/79-heads-up-previews/
(Must have the forum premium member perk)


We will be releasing and notifing all users of a ToS and Privacy Police hopefully to come out soon. Users will be alerted via:

  • Email
  • Forum announcement
  • In game MOTD

In other news, Ghost is supposed to be releasing version 1.0 very soon. When they do, it won't be backwards compatible when we upgrade so all of these blog posts will likely be removed :(

On a personal note, I may be getting deployed to British Columbia to assist with the wildfire situation there. The community will be let know if this happens as I will have limited computer time for a couple weeks.

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