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MTA Server Updates

Another small patch was put into the live server today. I outline the changes below.

  • The FD beeper now has a remote trigger
  • Some old help blips were removed
  • A new ATC radar system was added
  • All Saints Hospital badge, hotline, 911 and /dep access added[Bug #949]
  • Fixed out of date character name cache causing issues with ATM cards after a name change[Bug #948]
  • Fixed a clothing bug causing players to be unable to put the skin on if it is in two categories at once(like asian and white)[Bug #890]
  • Improved Interior falling prevention[Bug #944]
  • Removed 'Los Santos Currency' as the item description for money [Bug #907]

A feature highlight today is

Just in case you forgot :)

Have a great day and welcome back to school everyone.