Merge to Master

Another update happened to the server today. Along with an update of the server binaries for some security fixes we have the following script changes brought to you by Hurley, Myself and Exciter.

  • F3 finance new category: Impound
  • /respawnciv will no longer respawn and unlock faction vehicles, but stick to civilian job vehicles
  • Fixes for armoured/bulletproof vehicles
  • Fix for /editlook
  • Fix for /interiorsettings daylight option
  • Replaced depreciated functions
  • Fix for multifloor elevator
  • Surfboard (initial)
  • Patching an exploit (experimental)
  • Added as a browser to the F1 rules.
  • EQS update (added time variables and debug)
  • Unique sirens for Ambulances
  • CEF browser to display on the application phase
  • ASH pay for faction vehicles' fuel and repair fees

Thanks for the continued support and the work of our devs <3