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The following changes have now been pushed to the live server.
We'd also like to note that Anumaz has rejoined the team to help out in his spare time and he's already been doing great.

NOTE: Numbers in the brackets represent bug ID's found here:
MTA Changes:

  • Fixed an issue with users being stuck after leaving vehicle interiors
  • Adjusted the exit point for the yankee vehicle interior
  • Fixed an issue with ramps being a bit above the ground
  • Cleanup of the database in multiple areas, smaller and faster now
  • Removed BTC history from the donation GUI
  • Removed investplace
  • 911 calls in MDC will now let you see the full description of the call(#1072)
  • Added a Pizza Stack faction ID card (#1123)
  • Added a Pizza Stack hotline so you can order your pizza's (#1123)
  • Added basketball script to support the liverpool project (#1124)
  • Added bank transaction logs when restocking an NPC and when paying with debit cards (#1078)
  • Fixed an issue where you could /r from character selection (#1078)
  • Updates to the bcrypt module
  • Updated the workout official interior to have water
  • Ambulance model updates
  • Fix NPC clothing stores
  • More descriptive hotline responses (
  • Fixed an issue with checking money at the DMV when reconnecting after the theory test passed (#1012)
  • Added LSMA hotline (#1141)
  • Removed the spinout from spike strips (

UCP Changes:

  • Show newest entries first in log searches
  • Tweaks to the gamecoin formatting
  • Added a bunch of missing skins for characters
  • Added a "Other" category to the skin list for the dog skin and santa
  • Filter unassigned tickets to exclude staff reports to non-lead admins
  • Fixes to mobile view on the ticket center when viewing unassigned tickets
  • Handle long character names more gracefully in the active/inactive characters view
  • Added BOTS to the forum links
  • Ticket now gets updated when it is assigned to someone
  • Fixes for registering on the site
  • Only update the ticket status if the posted comment is not internal
  • Image optimisations
  • Fixes for GC amounts for uploading interiors
  • Fixed a few bans too many showing up for newly registered users
  • In-Game notifications for ticket replies
  • Added image support for ticketcenter comments
  • Tickets you are subscribed too now also show up in the backend interface
  • Redirect a user to where they wanted to go after they authenticated with 2FA
  • Automatic assigning of history appeals to the admin involved
  • Resolved an error when searching for world objects
  • Admin history entries are now made for asset transfers

Forum Changes:

Bcrypt Module Adjustments:

  • As noted in previous dev blog entries, we have been working on resolving issues with how modules work with MTA. Currently a member of the MTA team is working on revamping the module system however in the meantime we seem to have resolved the issue. Time will tell. You can view the changes here:

Thanks everyone! We hope to release a TTT server on Gmod for people to enjoy soon too. More on that later.