Merge -> Master

Another merge into the live server today. Focus was mainly on fixes and improving our new UI design. Hurley was the star of this update.

  • [UCP] Homepage caching and image optimizations
  • [UCP] Exception catching if the email is invalid on the ticket center
  • Typo fix for the /dogadd command
  • Resolved a bug with /punish when a player has had no previous bans
  • Numerous improvements to the Beta UI
  • Expanded the beta UI to F3
  • Fixed /ads so you see your new advertisement without reopening the GUI
  • Fixed items deleting when you picked them up with a full inventory when in an interior - #1002
  • MPH added to PD speed cameras
  • Fixed an issue with /check where the vehicle label was too long
  • ASH blip added
  • CGH blip removed
  • Changed the error message of /ed when player does not have the keys
  • Business key holders can now manage stocks without owning the interior
  • Fixed an issue with clothing shops
  • Fixed spelling error on F11 street names
  • Fixed spelling error when using /setfactionmoney
  • Fixed a distance issue with RS Haul
  • Money drop fixes
  • Input mode enabled for the locksmith GUI #1241
  • SCoSA receiving 911 calls
  • Fixed an issue with /status being seen when you are in a different interior

Thanks everyone for continuing to support our development!