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Hi everyone,

Today we did another developer update. The following changes were made:

  • Beta UI design, you can toggle this on or off in F10, only some UI's will be converted as we slowly roll this feature out.
  • Vehicle Library, Vehicle Manager, F1, /check and /history have been moved over to the new design
  • Reduced the harshness of /punish (
  • MT Leaders can now manager their own uploads
  • Added removeWorldObject to map exports
  • Added /exportexteriormap for Senior+, Scripter and MT Leader
  • Prevent double ban entries on /opunish
  • Rules in F1 now point to
  • Fixed a bug with custom interior time settings not applying
  • [UCP] Temporarily disabled BTC transactions as Stripe does not currently support BTC with Canadian financial institutions
  • [UCP] Automated incident reports
  • [UCP] Adjusted history abbreviation for /punish
  • [UCP] New Script update video added to the homepage
  • [UCP] Improved Stripe Metadata
  • [UCP] More descriptive email alerts for me
  • [UCP] Resolved a 500 error when signing up with a referrer
  • [UCP] Improved the text on 500 error pages to let the user know the issue has been reported automatically

Thanks everyone for your continued support,

P.S. I got 8 chargebacks in one day from mostly banned players yesterday. If you were thinking about buying some GCs to help out please do. I'd appreciate it <3