Merge -> Develop to Master

Server script has been updated today. Some notable features at the mid-term release are below:

  • Consistent Right Click Menu(Safes, ATMs)
  • ATM PIN Codes can now be entered with the keyboard
  • /fcall reimplemented
  • Key IDs are now wrapped in (( )) as they are OOC info
  • Frisk no longer shows the key names/ID unless you have the same key yourself
  • Removed P2W donator perks
  • Updated AFK System
  • Staff list adjustments to better reflect who can take reports
  • Indicators improved
  • Better first person view for in vehicles, integrated with "v"
  • Improvements to interior locking/unlocking sound effects
  • Browser textures can now be applied to item frames, supports things like google slides and other website embeded videos(youtube)
  • Projector item which can be used to control item frames utilizing CEF
  • New FBI truck model
  • Adjustments to how DOB works
  • Many bug fixes

Thank you for your continued support!