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Maintenance and Merge October 23rd, 2016

Maintenance has been completed on the MTA server today. It commenced at around 10:20pm MST and completed at approximately 11pm MST.

The following are some interesting changes to watch out for:

  • MTA Server Updated to 1.5.3, Changelog
  • Prepping for TS3 Migration to MySQL over SQLite
  • Kernel Updates
  • Many bug fixes
  • Performance Improvements
  • Removed some deprecated functions from the 1.3.5 update
  • Prison skin updates
  • Custom Animation Binds(Hurley)
  • Ability to move the firetruck ladder(YannickBoy)
  • Hud Icon Refresh(Chase)
  • 3 new sittable chairs
  • Moving corpses between interiors
  • /air now differs from /r and /dep
  • Estonia Typing flag corrected
  • Wullies Corp Badges and Hotline
  • SAAN Badges
  • Duty items will now remove properly when you /duty so you should no longer have inventory spam(yay!)
  • SD Siren Updates
  • /ame now used for setting the radio volume
  • Expanded /nudge to support tray notifications and added tray notifications to accept report, false report, mentions in /st and receiving a /pm.
  • AFK icon will now appear on players when they have been away for >= 10mins
  • Vehicle windows will now actually disappear when the windows are rolled down
  • Hours are back on the scoreboard after community feedback
  • Clicking the version number in the bottom right will now link you to the dev blog
  • Typing icon updated!(Chase)
  • Items in interiors will no longer automatically delete after 30 days