Merge Develop -> Master

The latest development branch has been merged to the server. I outline some of the changes below:

  • Major improvements to interior fall prevention
    • Safety detector will now more accurately be able to tell if you have the objects loaded on your client
    • Safety detector now works when you spawn in for the first time
    • Added a check shortly after entering an interior to see if you have fallen, if you have it will respawn you and send you to the interior exit
  • Vehicle Keys will now stay in the vehicle after you start it, they will be returned to you automatically if you time out
  • Removed the seatbelt warning beep
  • Adjusted the volume of the login music
  • Illegal Factions no longer recieve bank interest
  • Default spawn moved to Verona Mall!
  • Enterable Ambulance Mod
  • Bug Fixes

NOTICE: Can't see snow on the ground? Turn off Dynamic Lights!

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