IPS Update, 4.1.12

I have updated the forums to the latest version today. Here is a change log from their site:

New Features:

  • When you mouseover the badge showing who liked a post, you will now see a larger list of who liked that post. You can still click to get the full list.
  • Ratings now show half-stars for the average (for example, if one user votes 3 stars and another 4, it will show 3 and a half stars) and there is now an indication if you have rated something.
  • A "Preview" button has been added to the post editor which shows how the post will appear after BBCode processing. Tabs show how the post will appear on desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • Users can now choose to ignore notifications for being mentioned in posts by particular users.
  • You can now filter searches by specific forums/categories.
  • You can now control whether open and click tracking should be used for emails sent by SparkPost.

Activity Stream enhancements:

  • The filter dropdowns now have an "Apply" button for better usability (previously you had to click outside the dropdown).
  • The "Expanded/Collapsed" toggles are now clearer.
  • Hitting back from a clicked item in any activity stream now remembers your position and loaded results.

A full list of changes can be found here: