Hotfix October 25, 2016

The following is hotfixes applied to the script today.

  • Updated the UAT and ADM icons to better match the nametag
  • Updated the typing icon again to fit better in the environment
  • Resolved an issue with Wullie's Corp Hotline
  • Interior tax for factions reduced from .5% to .2%
  • Factions now receive interest, this caps at $1000 per payday however if the faction is being taxed more than 1000 per payday it will cap at $1500. This helps prevent the incentive to put your personal money in the faction bank to make a profit vs your personal account as well as allows factions who have a lot of assets to have some relief based on their money in the bank.
  • Faction leaders can now unregister vehicles at the DMV so they will not be affected by the vehicle tax:
  • Changed the name of the "Mechanic" faction type to "Dealership" type
  • Important performance fix for gate-manager(Thanks SjoerdPSV)
  • All legal and illegal factions are now affected by taxes

Sneak peak at the premium flag updates(Riley).

Thanks for the feedback!