Develop -> Master

Today we did a merge and restarted the server for some database maintenance.

In this merge we brought a huge update to our business system, noted below:

  • Stocks reworked entirely. Business owners now purchase stock for each item individually for 4/5 of the sale price. For example a safe costs $500, to stock it costs $400 thus $100 profit excluding tax etc.
  • Business owners can choose whether or not they want to sell a particular item (they don't necessarily have to stock their shop with everything). Items that aren't stocked do not show in the menu.
  • Profits are now consistent as they do not rely on the weight of the item, but instead the price. Eliminates extremely profitable items such as cellphones.
  • Custom shops no longer take staff wages if the business is closed, which prevents unnecessary wages stacking.
  • When stocking a business, half of the items are delivered immediately and half when RS Haul make the delivery. This means businesses aren't relying on RS Haul, but they still have a purpose.
  • Government owned businesses have unlimited stock.

Creditable suggestions:

Stocks were cleared in this update, make sure you restock your shops right away!
Credits go to Hurley.

Also in this update we did a major rework and optimisation of some of our textured models in game. Lower end PC's should notice an improvement in some areas of the server.

Oh and of course we did the usual bug fixing.

UCP is coming closer and closer and we can't wait to show it off! Thanks for your support.