Bugs+Forums Update | MTA Server Update

Hi guys,

Been a little while since I posted here. Summer has been crazy busy for me and I haven't had much time at a computer. I still check my mentions and work with admins via discord but I haven't had some real time to sit down and work on things. I had some time tonight so I got the following done. Sorry again everybody, hope your summer is going well.


The mantis bug server has been updated to MantisBT 1.2.19 -> 1.3.0, which adds some nice features, you should look here for more details:

From this update I have moved this website to PHP7 from 5.6 so enjoy the speed improvements there as well.


I have updated the IPB Forums to the latest version, details can be found here:

With this update adds PHP7 support so I have also moved this website to PHP7. I have already noticed a bit of a boost in performance here.


In the MTA server Exciter has worked hard and got some updates out for you guys. Here is a list of what was added/changed in this update:

  • Premium ATM cards can be purchased for more IC cash instead of GCs
  • /intsettings allow you to disable OOC chat in your own interior
  • New sittable chairs
  • Daylight settings in /intsettings
  • Multi-texture support for item-texture
  • FD beeper added
  • some fixes and stuff
  • Latest security patches for the server

Next weekend me and Exciter will look into some Trial Scripter submitted things and so far what we plan to bring in next are:

  • The keys being left in the vehicle inventorys
  • Fishing minigame so you can't just alt-tab the whole time
  • Jury Script?
  • /writenote has an optional expirey time
  • Automatic notes on some weapon shootings for things like casings and stuff that will automatically be deleted after a certain amount of time

Thanks again everyone for the continued love and support. If you'd like to apply for a scripter position just feel free to PM me on the forums.

Enjoy the last bit of summer!