BMX Event and Script Update

This week's script update is rather simple in terms of bug fixes.

  • Added Yannick's new version of the Fire Truck
  • Add insurance claims to bank log
  • F3 finance update + new transaction categories
  • Log /me and /do interiors in affected element
  • Added /faction to open F3 so it's rebindable
  • Removed collisions on item-move and only allow it in interiors unless you're an admin
  • Fixed updating the wrong label on the staff manager when editting FT ranks (1184)
  • Fixes an issue where you could not pick up your own vehicle key when < 10 hours

Many of you participated at the Easter Egg Hunt last week and I thank you very much for your positive feedback. We've gotten many technical issues, but I think, in the end, most people appreciated it. You can only expect better for future events!


Here it is! Launching today at the Verona Pier, the 2017 LS BMX Cup, Presented by Coca Cola & Dupont Entertainment!

It consists of a BMX circuit, one at a time, timed. A scoreboard is visible by the circuit and it updates in real time. The event will last over a few days. Huuuuuge thanks to MindScape for the map, and xSweg for the scoreboard.

I hope you all enjoy it! :)


I'm anumaz (or tree). I've been in Owl Gaming since 2014 and generally helped in the scripting team.

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