Backups and Security

I've been focusing on the server infrastructure now in my free time so I figured I would post an update on things.


Today I further configured the emails for the UCP so now they are encrypted before transaction using STARTTLS, the forums are using a TLS/SSL configuration because that is just what IPB happens to support.
Since changing over the mailserver we've sent about 500 emails out.


Also today I setup automated backups using AWS S3. Right now we are running through a paid service to handle the automation, however I plan to change that and code my own cronjobs using s3cmd.
Due to the compression we can store databases and files with very little footprint.

I had to do a bit of a work around for the owl MTA and Log databases since they don't use the standard InnoDB, I created a script to run 15 minutes before the backup begins and dump the database into a file to be taken and uploaded to the S3 bucket.

This should keep things organized and it is cost efficient once I write a script using s3cmd instead of going through a paid vendor.


Tomorrow if I have time I want to make those s3cmd scripts and cronjobs, then I want to continue to lock down our servers using SSH keys only and not allowing password logins.

Also plan to learn more about the status of the MTA server tomorrow, so fingers crossed.

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