Back From Vacation

I've returned from my time away with family and am now back to working. We've been discussing as a team an issue with fetchRemote we've been having when working with our texture system.

It appears that when the server has >60 players online, the request will be very delayed. Receiving the file is almost instant, but the request to the external webserver is what takes forever and we are still trying to work out why.

function callback(str, error)
outputChatBox("Done " .. error)
fetchRemote("", callback)

Is a code block we've been testing to see if the fetch remote is working improperly. It has the same issues as the skin system with taking forever when we reach a certain amount of players. We are continuing to explore why this is.

In other news we uncovered that Maxime was previously limiting some interiors to 5kb/s,
we've raised that back to the default of 50kb/s.