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After maintenance today, we have released another update to the server. I outline the changes below:

  • A number of security changes:
    • Server will now verify clients data/maps and anim/ped.ifp for possible changes
    • Disallow virtual machines such as VMware
    • Disallow disabled driver signing
    • Disallow disabled anti-cheat components. This is triggered when an anti-cheat component can not start. It is usually due to some problem with the PC and might be fixed by a reboot. Can also be triggered by a virus.
  • Republic of Congo Premium flag:
  • North Korea(best Korea) Premium flag:
  • Notifications got a face lift.
    • New Icon on the HUD
    • Transparency changes
    • Reduced the subject lines for notifications so it doesn't spam your screen. You now have to click for more details more often
  • Some bug fixes for animation binds(Hurley)
  • Fixed a formatting issue on the faction bank GUI
  • Medical Billing
  • Collisions on the ladder truck have been improved
  • Fixed some vehicle and interior taxes and repaired some bugs that might have caused you to not get a payday
  • Skins will now automatically be removed from dupont when they are found to be pointing to a dead link!
  • All dupont skins are now encrypted on the client
  • Ferris Wheel is now operational and you can enter/exit the ride
  • Toggling your hud now toggles the mini radar too
  • New hud icons for biker helmet and motocross helmets


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