Merge Develop -> Master

The latest development branch has been merged to the server. I outline some of the changes below: Major improvements to interior fall prevention Safety detector will »

Threats, Insults and Attacks

This isn't one of the usual development blog posts. In fact it's less about development and just a personal rant/vent. You don't have to read »

Server Script Update(v5.8.9.5) | November, 2016

A new script update has been released! Full details here: Video showcase: »

Dupont Skins back up to speed

I've removed the encryption because of the client side stutter lags, should be working now again though! We also added a donation perk when you are »

Let's talk about skins..

In the last update I added encryption for skins and the resource will automatically clean up skins with broken links. However, two problems arose. A) False »